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Whether you’re considering a career in real estate, are already practicing and want to change companies, have your license on hold, are thinking of retiring, or want to build a passive income from referrals, Talia Freedman and Co. has an option for you.

If you want to try your hand at real estate as a career you can join the Talia Freedman and Co. Real Estate as a working real estate broker on a part time or full time basis. While we prefer our brokers to work full-time, we understand it’s hard to get a career in real estate going without some savings set aside and understand it can mean working more than one job while you get your real estate career going. At Talia Freedman and Co. you’ll learn the skills you need to succeed in real estate in a supportive, non-corporate and customized environment with weekly coaching sessions both in the business of real estate and marketing and networking. With almost 20 years of experience in real estate, a background in marketing, and a successful real estate career, Talia is the perfect person to help you turn real estate into the career you’ve always wanted.

The other way to make an income in real estate is to “hang” your license with our referral company, TFCO Referrals, where you can earn a steady stream of passive income by giving leads to another broker and collecting referral fees when they sell a property to or for that client. This is a great option if you have your license but decided real estate was not for you, or if you’re thinking of retiring and want a “glide path” to make the financial transition easier.

What are Brokers saying about working at Talia Freedman and Co.?
Working for Talia has been the best choice for my real estate career, I always feel very supported as well as up to date on the constant changes that happen in this field! She’s there to help whenever you need it, she’s truly seen it all and her vast knowledge makes me feel more confident when I’m feeling unsure. The team she’s created reflects her enthusiasm for real estate as the work environment is encouraging and friendly! -Sierra Verdugo

Working at Talia Freedman and Co has been an invaluable experience for me. Working with Talia as my qualifying broker has been an invaluable experience for me. Not only does she operate ethically, with a heart that is truly made for this business, but she has a level of intelligence and an ability to teach makes this brokerage a safe place to learn and grow. Being in the business for almost 20 years, Talia is a wealth of knowledge that consistently and constantly gives back to her company, her community, her associate brokers, and mostly importantly to ALL of our clients. 

Did I mention we laugh a lot? It’s true that when you’re laughing you’re learning! If you want to be THE BEST, that’s work you’ll have to put in, and this brokerage provides the platform and knowledge for you to make that happen! -Eva Marisol Crespin

I’ve held my license for 5 years and during that time I have worked with 4 companies, 3 of which I felt lost, confused and unsure of my ability to really understand my job as there isn’t a blueprint to being a realtor. I came from manufacturing where there is one way that’s the most proficient to get things done, so I had a really difficult time with the many variables in the real estate world. I was ready to hang up my license and go back to manufacturing but In year 4 I decided that I wanted to find a mentor and a place that I felt supported and nurtured and give it one last try. I had paid close attention to Talia and what many of the OG realtors had to say about her and decided to make the call and see if she would even consider working with me. She is well known in the industry for her honesty and integrity and I can attest to that. I’m one year in with her and I feel like I’ve gained more knowledge in just one year than the entire 5 that I’ve held my license. She makes time to ensure that I understand the contracts, she has an open door/phone policy, and her abundance of training materials and info can answer almost any question I have. She’s created a safe place for me to grow and I have an amazing crew of realtors in the company that make it feel like family. I have more support than I could have imagined and I’m on track to having the most successful year in real estate to date. -Brad Leigh Patton

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