If you’re closing on a purchase or sale of property and will be using a base notary there are a few things to know to make the process a smooth one. Here are some tips. Once you read through the below info:

1 – You’ll need to print all of the documents to bring with you. If you’re getting a mortgage you will need to print about 100 pages and they will be a combination of letter size (8.5 x 11) and legal size (8.5 x 14). You will not know which is which necessarily and doing the printing is probably the biggest part of getting ready for the signing.

2 – The notary on base will likely not explain the documents to you. You’ll need to read through them before you go.

3 – You’ll have to FEDEX or otherwise overnight the documents to the title company.

4 – You’ll have to make sure this all gets done at least the day before your “settlement” date in your contract. You do not have the right to delay the closing and since you have to overnight documents you need to sign the documents the day BEFORE so your documents can be received on time.

If all of this seems too overwhelming you might consider spending the extra money (about $150-200) to have the title company send you a mobile notary who will come to your house or work, with all of the documents, and explain all of the documents to you. This, of course, only applies if you are in the country. If you are not, you’d need to set up an appointment with the US Consulate or Embassy if you’re not going to use a military notary. Be sure to read the other post about closing in another country for more info on that process.

If you’re selling a property, or you’re a cash buyer, you’ll only have a handful of documents that need to be printed, though they still might have the different paper sizes. It’s much easier to read through them and navigate a closing and a signing on base might be the best way to go.