Closing on a real estate transaction is a busy and hectic time no matter where you are. If you’re out of town you can close with a Notary and this is a relatively easy accommodation to make. You’ll want to let everyone know ahead of time so arrangements can be made and so you don’t accidentally delay the closing and funding of your contract.

It becomes much more complicated if you’re going to be out of the country. First, it’s important to know you can ONLY use a US Notary. You may NOT use a notary from another country no matter what you may hear. The only place you can usually find a US notary outside of the country is at a Consulate, Embassy or military base. If you’re in the military, closing out of the country is less of a concern. If you’re not, then you’d have to go the US Consulate or Embassy. Appointments with a notary are usually scheduled online and can have as long as a four or five week wait to get in.

And no, not all countries have a US Consulate or Embassy. And in some countries one area might have one while another might not.

If you’re planning any international travel while doing a real estate transaction, make sure you’ve made arrangements as far in advance for your closing and make sure EVERYONE in the transaction is aware of your travel plans. This will include your real estate broker, the title company, and any mortgage lenders who might be involved.